“But who do you say that I am?” Matthew 16:15

In this scripture, Jesus was seeking to know the crowd’s thoughts of His identity, but more importantly,  he wanted to know His role in the lives of his closest followers. Who was He for them?

Even today Jesus still asks, “Who do you say I am? Who am I for you?”

How do you relate to the Divine?

Do you see Him as your Father? The Christ?

Is He your Savior? Provider? Healer? Friend?

Do you see Him as your Comforter? Counselor? Guide?

The way we approach God in our prayer life is directly related to how we identify Him in our everyday life. Tweet: The way we approach #Christ in our #PrayerLife is directly related to how we #Identify Him in our everyday life http://bit.ly/1CdUvA7

Who is He for you?

If I see Him as my Provider, I willingly approach Him with my needs.

If I see Him as my Savior, I most likely bring Him situations that need saving.

If I see God as my Healer, I will bring my sickness, my broken heart, and my empty soul.

But, when I allow Christ to be my friend and lover of my soul, I immediately experience His presence in a new way.Tweet: When I allow #Christ to be my #friend & #lover of my soul, I immediately experience His presence in a new way. http://bit.ly/1CdUvA7

No longer will I only approach Him with things that I want to get from Him, but rather I will connect in a more personal, loving relationship.

I allow Him access into the private places of my heart. I lay down my vulnerability and begin to trust Him; giving permission for Him to move in my life in a completely different way.

Allowing Christ to be our best friend isn’t a new concept for most of us. But for some, it can be a challenge to think of Him as the lover of our soul.

Yet, love is what brought Jesus into our sinful world. Love is what enabled Him to endure beatings. And Love is what compelled Him to stay on the cross. He loves us. Simply adores us.Tweet: #Love is what compelled #Christ to stay on the cross. He loves us. Simply adores us. http://bit.ly/1CdUvA7

He desires to have close relationship with us — every day. To Him, we are His beloved, His precious bride.

Who is He for you?

Lord, help me to be open to trust You and allow You into heart. Help me to see You as my Friend and the Lover of my soul. Meet with me each day, help me to learn more from You and walker closer with You every day. Amen.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Ellen Chauvin

Stephanie, thank you for this word and your encouragement! I am thankful that I am His Beloved, because so many days I don’t feel like it! Visiting you today from Purposeful Faith!

danise jurado

Beautiful post! And great question… Jesus asks.

God is the lover of my soul. He fulfills every need I have and He knows them before I do! He sees way beyond the surface to the core of who I am and He completes me.

Blessings to you! Stay encouraged this week! love – Danise 🙂


Thanks, Danise. I appreciate your time to read my blog and your words of encouragement. Be Blessed!

Kelly Balarie

Beautiful. He loves my soul. I am rejoicing in that and want to dwell my heart in that place. Thank you for this and thank you for joining the #RaRalinkup. I enjoyed this word from you tremendously.


Thank you, Kelly, for visiting my blog. I appreciate how you are connecting women to encourage each other through #RaRaLinkup.


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