There is something about looking through the lens of my camera that allows me to connect differently with God than when I am sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee and the Bible on my lap. 

It had been several weeks since I spent time looking for hidden treasures waiting to be captured, so I grabbed my camera and headed out the door with images of pinecones as my intended subject matter.

Although my search for pinecones among the small trees proved unsuccessful, I began to take pictures in the field next to my house.  Several shots in and it really struck me — I was photographing the dying of nature — dried up leaves, trees, bushes, and there were no birds chirping.


I thought to myself, “why would anyone take pictures of dead things?”

Yet, I found such beauty every time I looked through the lens.  Beauty in the end of a season.

 IMG_2396  IMG_2395  IMG_2394  IMG_2399

I looked up at the trees towering above our yard.  There has been a bird’s nest in this specific tree for years.  In the spring and summer we can hear the family that lives there and see the mother bird fly to the feeders on our property.  Yet, we can’t see the nest when the leaves are full grown.

When the seasons change, the leaves begin to thin, the hiding place is stripped away and everything has died off, you can see the home that has given this bird family refuge.


God met me in that moment of looking up at the empty nest and confirmed the unasked question of my heart, “Yes, it is the end of a season”.

My young-adult little birdies will leave our nest this year.  Oh, I am as proud as I can be of my kids; they are smart, funny and amazing in every way.

But as the end of a season I’ve known for 20 years draws closer, my heart aches.  Big, fat, hot tears began to stream down my face.  I sat on the steps out back and just let them fall.  Giving in to the moment to let my mommy heart grieve the passing of it’s time and usher in the heart of a mother with young adults that have need for a different kind of mother’s love. 

Through the tears, I looked down and saw a perfect acorn. A seed waiting to grow new life.


God reminded me there is always something new waiting for it’s own season. 

A new thing; A new season.

All of sudden I noticed acorns everywhere on the ground. New life just waiting to spring forth.


As I walked the perimeter of the field again, I finally found the pinecones—in the tallest trees. 


None of the younger trees had them, only the more mature trees—new life waiting to be planted and go through their own season of change.


Seeds waiting to be planted were found in the more mature trees.  These trees had already been through seasons upon seasons to get to the age where they are bearing full of new life; new season.


God has appointed seasons for our life.  There will be times of dying and there will be times for new life.

IMG_2369 IMG_2387 IMG_2390 IMG_2391

The new life can not come without the dying.

There is beauty in dying; new life ready to begin.

There is beauty in dying if we look and see God in it.


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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



I think this may be your best yet! Such a perfect picture of change. Thank you for writing, your words are such an encouragement.

Stephanie K. Adams

Thank you so much, Nancy. I really appreciate all the prayer and support you have given me. It means so much to me to have you as my friend.


I’m a little behind in finding this blog post but God’s timing is perfect. January seems to be missing from 2015 for me. It was a mix of tragedy and out of focus hopeful blur. Your acorn means so much to me right now. God reached down and touched my frozen heart and reassured me with that lil acorn in this moment. I have some we found in Ohio on a hike and when I find them again someday in our boxes I will remember this moment of hope and treasure them even more.

Stephanie Adams


I’ll never forget all the acorns we kicked up at La Purisima. We just knew we were going to make an awesome project. Ha!

You and I are both in a new season. A new thing the Lord is doing. Praying for both our families. Love you.


I remember those acorns now… like stingy squirrels with no pockets. Haha! Who knows, maybe I still have those ones somewhere in our storage stuff too.

I love that we have our history(although sadly my memory fails me most of the time until you remind me ☺…thank God one of us remembers) and we have each other to hold our hearts and prayers up to God. The stepping stones of our past reminisces to build upon for our present and future. Links of the past that connect and the Spirit of God that ties us together. I love you and cherish our friendship and am so grateful God has you writing.


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