I’m tired, worn out and just plain exhausted.  There is still a long list of items unchecked on my ‘to-do’ list.  And, I know if I don’t forge ahead it will just be more items added to an already overloaded schedule tomorrow.

But, I just can’t. go. on. 

This isn’t just a physical tired.  It’s a draining of the mind and spirit.  Actually, it’s more like a slow, dripping leak that over time left my soul empty.

This is usually the point where, as women, we give ourselves a pep talk and convince ourselves that we can do this; “be strong in the Lord”, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. 

Good words.  Seriously.  Because there are indeed times when we can’t give up or give in; we shouldn’t let the weights of the world distract us from our ministry to our family, job or church.

But God —

(Don’t you just love “But God” moments)

From the very beginning, quite literally, God demonstrates an important lesson for us. 

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. Genesis 2:2 ESV



REST – Yes, sweet Jesus!  Music to my ears!

Friend, it is ok to rest.  Kick off your shoes, put up your feet and rest.  Enjoy reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee, catch up on a tv show, or whatever brings you joy.

But, in the times of soul draining exhaustion, we should find ourselves a quiet place and sit in the stillness of His presence.  Allow God to minister to us in the silence.  No chatter, no prayer requests, no laundry list of things we need from Him, just the sweet stillness of His presence.

I pray if you need rest in your soul, you will make time to sit with Jesus.

Lord, thank you for showing us that it is ok to rest. I pray you will meet us in our time of emptiness and fill us with Your goodness.  Bring rest to our weary souls and strength to our hearts and minds.  Thank you for Your presence.


I have recently found what I consider to be one of the best instrumental worship CD’s.  It is very quiet and meditative.  It only has five tracks, but they are approximately 15 minutes each.  This is great for me because it allows me to concentrate on His presence without the constant changing of music. 

In His Presence

You can find “In His Presence” on Amazon, Apple or Google Play 

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Kim Stewart

Stephanie, beautiful words to encourage me to find rest today. We’re snowed in (rare in TX) so I’m hoping today is the day 🙂 Great to see you on the #livefree linkup! Look forward to seeing you around Compel too. Have a great day, Kim

Micah Maddox

Stephanie, this is exactly what God has been consistently teaching me lately. It IS okay, even spiritual to rest, take a break and get refreshed. I’m a much better wife, mom, and person when I make sure I take time to bask in the presence of God. Thank you for this timely post! Great to connect on #livefree linkup!

Stephanie K. Adams


Thank you for spending time on my blog today. It is encouraging to know that other women are taking time to rest and refresh. We should be sure our mom-friends take care of themselves by encouraging them to take a break, too.

Michele Morin

Reminded as I read about Jesus’ light burden and easy yoke. If I’m carrying a load that seems too heavy, it’s time to stop, re-assess and look for my Burden Bearing Savior’s help under the load.


This gets me excited for next week and tonight…I feel a rest break in my future…blanket, new book, quiet 🙂 REST


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