10614383_10153157502599027_5337977545953977640_nI have decided to publicly share my latest email to Kara. Not for any reason other than, as I read comments in response to her latest blog post, many of us are unsure how we should feel. We are trying to grasp tightly to our friend and her time here. I hope by sharing this will help give words to our feelings and show Kara how tremendously she is loved.



Sweet Kara,

Surely you have taught us all how to live well; beautiful living through BIG love. Yet now I find myself at a loss of how to grieve well.

It is so much easier to hold you with an open hand when you are home, laughing and sharing in the mundane of life. It is harder to keep my hands open when I see you struggling. I want to grip you tight and hold on. Instead, I pray. I pray for grace upon grace to meet you each day. I simply ask for JESUS; for you, Jason, the littles, and all of us struggling to grieve well.

You are loved, sweet Kara. So much more than you can imagine.

Loving you with an open hand,



You can read Kara’s story on her blog, Mundane Faithfulness, or in her new book The Hardest Peace; available at your favorite bookstore or on Amazon

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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