IMG_3879Selah:  pause, consider, think about; praise, lift up

Selah is a Hebrew word of unknown origin which occurs frequently in Psalms and also in Habakkuk.  It is thought to be a direction perhaps meaning “pause,” or to raise the voice in praise.

I have spent some time over the past several days considering all the events of the past year.  There were times of joy and celebration and there were times of sadness, heartache and grief. I have seen many prayers answered but I have also lost some friends and family members, some through death and some because of dissolved friendships.

I have considered the times He was silent, no answer, no direction; just still, holding my hand and silently walking beside me.

God has been in every situation; every moment of rejoicing, every time tears were shed, every step He took with me; I was never alone.

I have considered the plans scribbled onto a calendar with anticipation of these experiences in the new year.  Yet, as I pause, I can hear His voice reminding me that He also has plans for me this year.

I sense His smile; like a parent that knows the big wonderful that is about to happen for their child.  I see Him hold out His hand, a gesture to say, “Come with Me.  Let’s see what I have for you.”

As we approach a new year what better time to pause from our busy schedules, find a quiet place where we can consider His goodness.  Then, reach out, take His hand and let Him lead us into His wonderful plans for the new year.


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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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