10629273_10153200708284027_8210074611324199290_oHave you ever fallen into your warm bed at night and thought, “I feel like a failure”? Many nights disappointment has climbed into bed with me and settled into my heart and mind as I think about my day.

I yelled at my kids, missed that doctor’s appointment I forgot to reschedule, and burned dinner while trying to explain why I, as a grown woman, cannot figure out 4th grade “new” math.

Being called to this wonderful-crazy assignment called Motherhood is not easy.

Most days will be filled with rushed schedules, forgotten homework, and some part of a dirty house that did not get cleaned. Despite all the busyness, I should not allow my inability to complete self-imposed expectations to define my worth as a mother.

Yes, I will say all the wrong words, loudly. Yes, I will get angry when I shouldn’t. Yes, I will forget to extend patience when I should. And, yes, I will let my frustrations cause me to forget my kids are fallible humans trying their best.

Yet even when I feel like I have failed, God’s grace is enough. For when I am weak, His strength is made perfect (2 Corinthians 12:9). His grace fills all the places where I lack. When my words fail, He can speak His truth into my children’s hearts. And when my directions are lacking, He can make their paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).

As moms, we do our best to make good decisions for our kids, always striving to point them to Jesus and His Word; praying for them every day.

We will still mess up, not because we do not love them, but because we are also fallible humans trying to do our best. Yet when we trust in Jesus to be the strength in our weakness, we can still be successful in the eyes of the people we call family.

Because no matter the chaos that defines the day, our kids have already been defined by the love of Jesus through their mama’s heart.

Prayer: “ Lord, I know I will fall often in my journey as a mom. Please fill all the places where I lack and extend grace to my kids and me. I will continue to do my best, love them, and I pray with You leading the way, one day they will be better people than I could ever imagine to be. And I hope they will know in the deepest part of themselves I love them, but more importantly, that You love them”.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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