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Scripture Reference: 2 Kings 4:8-37 Elisha and the Shunnemmite Woman

Elisha often visited into the town of Shunem and fellowshipped with a wealthy woman and her husband. They developed a relationship with Elisha and decided to build a room for him in their house where he could stay when he was in town.

As a way to thank this lady, he asked what he could do for her. She refused any gifts or request to the King on her behalf.

But Elisha, still wanting to repay her kindness, had a conversation with his servant about what they could do for her. The servant took notice that although this woman was wealthy, she was lacking in one thing — she did not have a son. She would have no one to care for her in the event her husband passed away.

And so Elisha called the wealthy woman to him again and spoke to her that by the same time next year she would give birth to a son. And it did happen that she conceived and bore a son.

The child grew to an age where he could walk and talk enough to follow his father into the field and soon complained of a severe headache. His father had the servant bring the child to his mother.

This dear mother stopped her daily work to rock her precious child on her lap. Then around noontime, the unthinkable happened. Her miracle died.

She took him and placed him in the extra room built for the prophet and ran to the field to her husband.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t tell him that their miracle child has died. Instead, she asks permission to take a servant and a donkey for travel to visit Elisha.

When her husband questions her, she answers “All is well”.

What a powerful statement. Her precious child, the promised miracle from God, lies dead in the house, yet she proclaims “all is well”.

And again, when Elisha’s servant inquires if everything is ok with her household, she replies, “all is well”.

Her faith in God was unwavering. She trusted God with the miracle He had given her. She trusted Him in the outcome of all the details of her life.

Even if it looked like her life wouldn’t turn out the way she thought — all is well

Even if her dreams didn’t seem they would come true — all is well

Even if she had to let go of the one thing she loved the most — all is well

God honored this woman’s faith and, through His servant Elisha, He raise her son up and restored what seemed lost.

When God gives us a promise, He makes good on His promise. Things may seem lost and may not seem the way they should be, but how should we respond? Trust in God.

God is looking for women to trust Him with the details of their lives.

Are there promises God has made to you that seem impossible because of the circumstances around you?

Are there things in your life that don’t look the way you thought they would?

No matter how it may look right now, if God has promised something in your life, believe in His Word and trust in His plan and timing.

No matter what He requires of you, He will see it through. He cares about the details of your life.

Be encouraged — All is well


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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Christy Mobley

Stephanie, loved, loved, loved this story from the Old Testament. You brought out such a good nugget of truth that spoke into my life. God’s promises are “Yes” in Christ Jesus.

Blessings to you my friend ~ #raralinkup


Kim Stewart

Sweet Stephanie, I love your words and the way you cheer me on to trust Him with the details of my life! Cheering you on today, #RaRaLinkup

Stephanie K. Adams

Heading over to your blog right now to read your words, Kim. Thanks for encouraging me this week.

Ruth Clemence

Praise God for this wonderful truth Stephanie! What a challenge to say in the midst of everything, no matter how hopeless, ‘all is well’. What an example of faith! Thanks for sharing at Purposeful Faith! 🙂

Kelly Balarie

All is well, all is good. He has everything in his hands. Thank you for this comfort you provide Stephanie. I praise God for these things. Your words speak. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith. All is well.


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