My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!  Psalm 119: 25

A few days ago, Kara Tippetts finished her earthly journey and went to her true home with Jesus. Her life was a story well written and finally complete.

From the very beginning Kara taught everyone she met how to love big, live big and look for grace in the midst of life’s hard places.

I met Kara in 2012 when we were both going through breast cancer treatments. We would chat online and encourage each other. I never dreamed I would see her life unfold the way it did. I just thought I had found another mama that “got it” and was a mutual support during a hard time.

I never knew how much she would teach me; how much she would impact my life.

When she traveled to North Carolina a few months ago, I knew I had to go meet her face-to-face. It was apparent by then it would be the only time I would look into her beautiful face.

She greeted me with wide open arms, a warm smile and a huge heart. She was brave and strong while I stood weeping. I was completely embarrassed by my tears and quickly apologized.

True to her beautiful spirit, she met me with grace and whispered, “Don’t ever apologize for crying. Your tears mean you love me.”

As the next few months of her story were written, she showed us all how to love with open hands; not clinging to this life, but rather reaching for Jesus and trusting His writing of our life’s story.

But, oh how my soul longs for life here on Earth. I cling to stay in this vessel of clay. The people I love — their stories of faith, grace and love — they move me to stay. I long to go deeper with my people.

Yet I am just a sojourner on this Earth (Ps 119:18). I am not created to stay.

This vessel is just the vehicle I use, but for a moment, to move me closer to my true home — Heaven.

As Kara so gracefully lived her life as an example for us, I pray I will not cling to this clay, but look beyond it’s limitations — it’s ailments and shortcomings — to see the promise of a beautiful story being written by the One who loves me.

In our last email, Kara promised me a dance at the wedding party in Heaven and to save me a seat at the table.

I know she has already picked out the best seats and is waiting.

10614383_10153157502599027_5337977545953977640_nI love you, sweet Kara.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



I too lost a dear friend recently- she was my best friend here on earth. The healing process has been a difficult one, of course, but she loved Jesus more than anything else! I have no doubt she is dancing right now. I love what you said about your friend saving a dance for you. This uplifts my spirit today as I look forward to a dance with my friend, too. Blessings to you:) #rara linkup

Samantha Landrus

Her battle was fought so bravely. We had a local Christian radio announcer that followed her blog and I remember the day that she posted that she just wanted one more day to go to the beach with her family. My prayers for peace in the loss of your friend and healing for her family.

Tania Vaughan

What a beautiful and poignant post – it certainly makes you think about what is important in life. Thank you for sharing such a personal story – bless you from the #RaRaLinkup

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