Bloom Introduction2

BLOOM – Introduction

by Liz Giertz, Contributing Writer


I believe that life is MESSY, but by properly embracing our MEMORIES we can overcome the MESSES and become the MASTERPIECE God created each of us to be.

Some of my favorite God-designed MASTERPIECES are flowers. And I’ve learned a lot from the way they bloom that we can apply to our own journey of faith.

For the next 6 lessons, I get to share with you about becoming a MASTERPIECE. We’ll have the opportunity to get to know one another through some Blossoms of Fun questions, discuss a few Bible study questions together, and best of all, encourage one another. If you prefer, you can use the questions as private journal prompts.

Like anything, there is a process of growth that takes place before the flowering begins. Just as a plant begins as a seed planted in the soil, so our faith begins like a seed planted in our hearts through hearing the Word of God.

Our faith begins like a seed planted in our hearts through hearing the Word of God @LizGiertz Click To Tweet

Roots grow deeply to bring nutrients to the plant as the first leaves emerge from the dirt seeking the sun. And as we nourish our souls with the Word of God, our faith grows as we seek to get closer to His Son.

Bloom Day 1 faith planted

I don’t know where each of you are on the timeline of your spiritual growth, but I do know God wants us all to produce fruit – and the only way to do that is to FLOWER in FAITH.

  • Some of you are no doubt digging deep to uproot things that once kept your faith from growing.
  • Others are in the ever-exciting germination stage where your faith is just starting to emerge as a tangible presence in your life.
  • I’m sure several of you are building on your previous base of faith and learning to apply it to new areas of your life as your growth continues.
  • I bet plenty of you are blooming, too! You are using your God-given skills and abilities to serve God’s creation for His glory. Aren’t you?

BLOOMING! It’s the final phase of plant growth. All the previous stages prepare the plant for this glorious event.

My aunt is a florist in Northern Virginia and some of my favorite childhood memories take place in her shop, surrounded by blooms. I love everything about flowers. The way they look. The way they smell. The way the buds just burst open. Their soft petals are somehow both fragile and resilient. I just can’t get enough of flowers. Except for those messy anthers on Lilies that stain my fingers. Nobody likes those!

Aside from that, our culture reveres flowers. We have them in weddings and funerals; send them for celebrations and in condolence. We throw them on the stage or into the rink after an amazing performance. We hand them to the winners of pageants and contests. They are given at military changes of command. We place them on flat surfaces from altars to kitchen tables. Certain flowers can even evoke special memories for us. Bright, cheery, yellow daffodils remind me of my sister.




There are perennials that bloom year after year and annuals that have to be replanted each year. They bloom in every season. Some are showy and some are pretty plain. Flowers can be invasive, prickly, foul smelling, and downright weird. Every state claims one to represent them. And you know I can’t live in Texas and talk about flowers without mentioning the bluebonnet!




There is no denying the power of the almighty flower.

But none of those uses tell us why we have flowers. We have to understand their God-given purpose because without knowing that we miss the point. We might think God gave us flowers just to bring cheer to our lives or make dull spaces sparkle.

So why do flowers bloom?

To reproduce and carry on the species. I know that doesn’t really sound all that romantic, but knowing their purpose gives us a framework for understanding why and how we BLOOM as Christian women.

Why should we show off our God given skills and talents in service of creation for His glory?

So we can spread the seeds of our faith and carry on the Christian community.

So, here are the six lessons I’ve discovered about the way flowers bloom. These are the topics we’ll hone in on over the next 6 lessons and I’m going to share with you how I’ve seen them work in my life.

  • Bloom in God’s timing.
  • Bloom for a season and rest for a reason.
  • Proper pruning produces bountiful blooming.
  • Bloom where He plants you.
  • Be your own beautiful bloom.
  • Blooming together is better.

In the next lesson, we will really roll up our sleeves and dig in!

Blossoms of Fun Question:

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Is your thumb green (you can grow anything), black (you could kill a cactus), or somewhere in between?

Study Questions

1) Read Matthew chapter 13
Has the seed of faith been planted in your heart? If not and you’d like to discuss more about this feel free to e-mail Stephanie or me privately.

2) Read Romans 10:17
Where does the Bible tell us faith comes from?

3) Read 1 Peter 2:2
What stage of growth are you in? What do you need to move into the next stage?

4) Read Ephesians 2:10, from the NLT if possible.
What does it mean to you to be God’s MASTERPIECE?
How do you feel about the idea that He has prepared good works just for you?
What do you think those might be?

5) Read Mark 13:10
How do you think this is accomplished?
Do you think this work is only for those with the title of Minister or Missionary?
How can you do this right where you are?

Join us in the comment section below and tell us your answers to the study questions.

Liz Giertz

Liz Giertz is a Veteran turned Army wife and mom to two boisterous boys and one shelter dog who provide endless writing material. Until the next set of orders arrive, they call FT Hood, Texas home.

Liz is passionate about encouraging women to overcome MESSES, embrace MEMORIES, and become the MASTERPIECES God created them to be.

Liz is not only a contributing writer for Real Women, but she also is gracious with her wisdom and guidance as an advisor team member.  In addition, Liz partners with Real Women Ministries through sharing her #WordNerdWednesday posts with our social media community.

You can connect with Liz on her blog, My Messy Desk , as well as onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



So good, love this! Such a great way to express who we are and why. I love glad to here with you all.t.

Stephanie K Adams

I’m so glad you are enjoying our series. I just love Liz and her teachings.


I’m thrilled you are here with us, too, Tonya! I’m excited to get to know you better as we move through the study! Blessings, liz

Shirley Chancellor

Matthew 13: The seed of faith is firmly planted in my heart. I have been in what seemed impossible place to survive at times in my life, and it was only by the might move of God that I survived. I have seen too many miracles not to believe.
1 Peter 2:2:
I have moved long ago from the place of know I should delve into the Word to the place that I crave it. I love all the golden nuggets found there.
Eph. 2:10:
It’s very humbling to know that God loves us and considers us His Masterpiece. We can understand somewhat when we look at our own children. They are amazing creations to us, and we can no where near love them as He loves us.
Mark 13:10:
“all nations” is also translated “all peoples”. It is obvious in this age with the Internet and such that the Word is taken into all nations. As far as it be only through ministers or missionaries, I think we all have a ministry. We teach others just by the example of our own lives.

Loving this study!

Stephanie K. Adams

It is so good to see you again, Shirley. I am glad you enjoy Liz’s teaching. I know you will enjoy the rest of this series.

I also like where you said, ” I have moved long ago from the place of know I should delve into the Word to the place that I crave it.” That is so awesome to know that you just can’t get enough of His Word. I pray all of us would find ourselves craving more and more of Him.


Such great truth in your comments, Shirley! Those miracles you’ve witnessed will help others to believe, too! Pointing others to the glory of the Lord is a primary part of what it means to accomplish the works He has planned for us. Can’t wait to see what insights you have to share as we go through the next 6 lessons! Blessings, liz

Debbie Kitterman

such great encouragement and what a great idea to share for 6 weeks on blooming- great job Liz with your teaching and yes – flowers bloom to reproduce and carry on – we need to do the same! – I found you at #TruthandGrace today


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