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BLOOM – In God’s Timing

by Liz Giertz, Contributing Writer

As soon as the weather begins to warm up, my fingers start itching to be in the dirt. I just can’t wait to bring some color to my porch or start some veggies in pots. My mom has reminded me on more than one occasion to slow down. To wait until the time is right. To make sure I follow the guidelines for both the plant and my geographic region.

Plant too soon and late spring frosts can damage the tender young plants. Plant too late and risk missing the window of perfect conditions to optimize blooms.

Even if everybody around you already seems in full bloom, that doesn’t mean it’s your time. Plants have adapted to bloom in every season.

From the first grape hyacinths that poke through the snow



to the mums that bloom past Halloween,



God’s timing is perfect for every plant and for each of us.

He created some plants, like edible Nasturtium to go from seed to flower in a matter of just 70 days, while others take much longer.

The Giant Himalayan Lily needs 5-7 years.

Kurinji, native to Southern India, only bloom every 12 years.

And the Queen of the Andes, which adapted to bloom at very high altitudes where it’s hard to thrive, only blooms every 80-150 years. That’s once in a lifetime!

What is required to reach a stage of blooming is different for every plant and for everybody. God has prepared good works for each of us to walk in but only He knows when the time is right.

BLOOM God knows the time Day2


We focus on continued growth and He will let us know when to bloom!

If we bloom too soon, we might not be strong enough to support the flower. If we don’t heed His call, we might miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring Him glory.

If it isn’t your time yet, invest in as much Spiritual growth as you possibly can so that when the right opportunity does come, you’ll be ready.

When you feel His gentle nudge to bloom, align your heart with His and step forward in faith to flower. Don’t miss the opportunity.

When God says it’s time, He will make sure you are properly equipped to withstand your environment, just like those crocuses that poke up through the snow.

But that doesn’t mean it will always be easy.  In our next lesson, we will  find out the secret flowers know that we too often neglect.

Blossoms of Fun Question:

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Do you prefer to plant bulbs in the fall and wait (and wait) or buy already blooming seedlings in the spring for immediate gratification?

Study Questions

1) Read Psalm 1:1-3 and Jeremiah 17:7-8
What are some of the key phrases used to describe the actions required for bearing fruit?

2) Read 2 Peter 3:8
How does God’s timing compare with our own? How does this make you feel?

3) Read Lamentations 3:25-26
What do we do in times of waiting for God’s answers? What are 3 practical ways you can do this?

4) Have you ever felt God’s nudge to act in service of one of His sheep? How did you answer that call?
What would you do again or wish you had done differently?

5) Are you in a waiting season or a blooming season?
How do you feel God’s presence and support right now?

Join us in the comment section below and tell us your answers to the study questions.

Liz GiertzLiz Giertz is a Veteran turned Army wife and mom to two boisterous boys and one shelter dog who provide endless writing material. Until the next set of orders arrive, they call FT Hood, Texas home.

Liz is passionate about encouraging women to overcome MESSES, embrace MEMORIES, and become the MASTERPIECES God created them to be.

Liz is not only a contributing writer for Real Women, but she also is gracious with her wisdom and guidance as an advisor team member.  In addition, Liz partners with Real Women Ministries through sharing her #WordNerdWednesday posts with our social media community.

You can connect with Liz on her blog, My Messy Desk , as well as onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



I think I’m in a post blooming season. I spent the last year serving in leadership in a large women’s ministry and I feel a little spent. I’ll be seeking God’s gently nudge for my next assignment and fully engaged in the principle behind our next lesson!

Stephanie K Adams

I am thankful one of the assignments was sharing this study with us. I am enjoying it. Thank you!

Adele Spil

#4- I am shy by nature which makes talking to friends an effort and talking to strangers an impossibility.

Years ago-on a Saturday afternoon- I was eating a sandwich at a local deli and lost in a good book. Still, I couldn’t help noticing the woman at the table beside me: she was wearing hot pink and orange (my signature colors) in a paisley top. I felt the nudge (of the Holy Spirit) to speak to her….but I resisted…knowing that if a conversation started …my few minutes of reading sans children time would go by the wayside.

After several minutes of stern internal discussions with myself…I walked over and told her that she looked lovely in that beautiful blouse. And…she burst out into tears.

She then explained that while she was drinking her coffee…her husband of 25+ years was At their home packing. He was leaving her for a much younger woman. And she added, “You know…in the entire time we were together, Michael never once told me that I looked nice.”

I am So very glad that I listened to the Spirit.

Stephanie K Adams

This is a beautiful example of God looking down and seeing exactly what His children need and then whispering to the heart of another one of His girls to reach out and show His love. Thank you for being a willing vessel He could use.


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