3ZzKi86hWhy do I willingly open up my life through writing on a public blog?  Why do I share personal experiences and insights from God’s Word?  Why do I make myself vulnerable to criticism and judgement?

The short answer: because I need you.

Yes, you.

See, I need other women in my life to encourage me, pray for me and share God’s word with me. And, I suspect, you could use a friend like that, too.

In the past I would pray for Godly women to create relationship with, gain wisdom from and have a prayer partner. But, they never miraculously appeared on my doorstep.

So, I decided I would take a more pro-active approach and I directly asked two special women to consider meeting with me for prayer and encouragement.

At the time, neither of these ladies connected with my request for Bible study and prayer. Although I initially felt disappointed and sad, I decided this was not a personal issue against me and they must have had reasons for not being available.

Maybe they were too busy to respond.

Maybe they were overwhelmed with their own struggles.

Maybe they thought they wouldn’t have the right answers.

Maybe they believed they had nothing to give.

And doesn’t that sound familiar?  Often we don’t reach out to other women because we don’t think we have anything to offer.  

We feel too stressed-out, too messed-up, too imperfect to openly and honestly engage in friendships with other women because we are so sure they have it all together. Yet, we desperately crave someone to listen, to pray for us, to encourage us, gently challenge us when we are being stubborn — we need someone that “gets” it; because let’s be honest, those wonderful hubby’s just don’t know what it’s like to be a busy momma.

We may be a group of stressed-out, messed up mommas, but we need each other twitter

That’s why I created this little space on the internet.  I decided that no other woman should have to feel alone, unimportant and left out.  I wanted a safe place where we can take a few minutes out of our busy day and spend time listening, praying and finding encouragement in God’s word.

Still don’t feel like you are “qualified”?  Well, I can promise I don’t feel qualified either. But, what if we look at it like this:

You have small kids driving you crazy? My kids may not be small anymore, but I certainly remember the days of endless diapers and bottles, and sleepless nights.  And, although my kids are young adults and your adult children may have already left the nest, still you remember what it was like when you packed their things and watched them leave the driveway, right?  Going through a tough time in your marriage?  Don’t let shame keep you from reaching out; I promise there are none of us with a perfect marriage.   See?  

Our life experiences can be the textbook from which other mommas learn what works, what doesn’t and how

God shows up with grace and mercy when we are clueless twitter

We need each other.

I can’t promise I will always get it right, because I won’t.

I can’t promise I won’t let you down, because I will.

But, I can promise that if you join me in this little community of R.E.A.L Women…

I will hold your hand when you cry

Pray when you feel like your world is spinning out of control

Cheer when you succeed

And share laughter when you find joy

Let’s not allow self-doubt to keep us disconnected.  Let’s get to know each other.

IMGP2367Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, relax in your favorite chair and let’s chat.

Your comments, prayer requests and words of encouragement are so important to me…

You are important to me.

I look forward to spending time with you.

If you would be interested in becoming engaged in our community of R.E.A.L Women through encouragement from God’s Word, please sign up for updates – you can join here

I promise I will not flood your inbox with junk email. I simply want to have a way to communicate with each of you.

I am excited to have you join our community of women encouraging and praying for one another. I look forward to seeing you on the blog!

Original publish date: February 2, 2015

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Donna Stone

We do need each other. God uses the broken to heal and the weak to strengthen. Praying God uses your willingness to serve for His purpose. You have blessed me today!

visiting from #RaRalinkup

Tania Vaughan (@TaniaJVaughan)

“Let’s not let self-doubt keep us disconnected” I love that sentiment and needed to hear it. God placed us in community, looking outwards in love. Thank you for this reminder xx

ps: I love your ‘R.E.A.L’ acronymn it is where my ministry heart is at 🙂

Jenni DeWitt


So glad to have met you through the comment you left on my post. Everything you write here is so true. I was just talking to a mom this afternoon who said she doesn’t go to the local mom group, because she can’t even keep up the way it is. There’s just no time to add one more thing so we start to eliminate time for ourselves. But we all know that you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you put someone else’s on. We need the companionship of other women! How great that you’ve provided us with a community here where we can come, in the few seconds of free time we have each day, to be built up and share in the “me too” moments with other women. I pray that your ministry here is blessed as you bless other women with connection. Keep in touch, my sister in Christ!


Stephanie K Adams

Thank you for stopping by, Jenni. I appreciate your words of encouragement. I look forward to connecting in the future.


You are so right we do need each other! So glad to have found you and your blog with #raralinkup

I am following you on Twitter now as well! Blessings to you 🙂

Kelly Balarie

The community that is online is amazing. I have found such amazing women of the Lord blogging for Christ. You are right – we do need each other. Thank you so much for joining the #RaRalinkup at Purposeful Faith. It is a joy to have you.


Thank you, Kelly, for cheering all of us on to connect and share Christ with others. And thank you especially for gathering us all in one place at #RaRaLinkup

Sharon Hartley

Stephanie thankyou for your blog you have helped me so much reading your blog from the very beginning knowing that I am not the only woman who feels disconnected from other woman an from those who I attend church with. For a while now I have been questioning relationships I have especially those which I have built within my church. I reliase life gets in the way but all I have longed for is to have someone who I can be close with who I can pray with an have a close relationship with. I have been asking God an Praying for this he is now showing me the way. I have had many many battles throughout my life an of late I feel like thing’s in my life have all happened for the greater good. I have always wished to help others who are in the same circumstances I was in.. I just know God has only good things for me. Reading your blog has encouraged me to go with my heart to get involved more. I have work ahead of me but to never give up an to reach for the goals I wish to achieve so I thankyou so much for sharing your life with us readers an I am honored to call you a friend of mine.

Stephanie K. Adams

Thanks for stopping by and looking around. I know so many women who desire community with others. That is why I hope to have this discussion of intentional community throughout this year.

I’m glad you sense God leading you in a specific direction. I will be praying for you and you follow him and trust the work he is doing in your life.

Also, we are glad to have you back in the States. 🙂


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