by Stephanie K Adams
Real Women Ministries

Today, as we honor our military veterans, let’s not forget to say a word of appreciation to their spouse and children.

I am extra thankful to be a military wife, to have had the opportunity to open my heart and home to a whole new community of amazing people sharing life together. These people became our family. Our bonds run deep. We share things only another military family can understand.

Our sacrifice is in no way the same as our loved one, but it is sacrifice. We give up family time, we give up weekends, and play dates and real grown-up dates.

We give up bedtime stories and snuggles. We give up father-daughter dances and mother-son activities.

We give up the certainty that daddy will be home – sometimes he’s gone for 5 out of 7 days, sometimes it’s months at a time, sometimes it’s for years, and sometimes supper just gets cold waiting for him.

We give up big paychecks to accept the little we are given and learn to make it stretch farther than we thought possible – with a lot of prayers, of course. And we hang our heads when we still have to ask for help in making ends meet or feeding our babies.

We know there will always be a small part they can’t share with us – those things they see and hear that only a military member can know. We never ask. We never prod. We honor the sacred places and silently acknowledge its existence.

We bear the burden of running the household, the bills, the kids, everything – because when they are home the phone could ring and they will be gone again.

We sacrificed silently. No complaining, no calling attention to our needs going unmet. With a heart of uncertainty, we suit up with bravery every morning, praying they come home tonight.

And sometimes, they don’t come home. Some have suffered the ultimate sacrifice – their soldier didn’t come home. Although they know deep inside their loved one gave their life for a country they loved more deeply than the citizens could imagine, they continue to sacrifice in silence. No complaining, no calling attention to themselves. They suit up in bravery and tell us all they are okay.

Our ‘thank you’ will never fill the void, but maybe it will reach beyond the silence and let them know we see their sacrifice.

Today I honor the men and women that wear a uniform – thank you for your bravery and your service.

And I honor the military family – I see your silent sacrifice and it is brave. I appreciate you more than you know.

Happy Veterans Day!


Stephanie K. Adams Founder, Real Women Ministries

Stephanie is a writer, speaker, and Director of REAL Women Ministries, where a community of women gather to grow their Relationship with each other and God through Encouragement and Accountability to studying the Bible, and cultivating a Love for His Word.

Stephanie’s writings have been featured at The Blythe Daniel Agency’s Blog Spot, LifeNotes Cafe, Sweet Jesus Ministries, Sweet to the Soul Ministries, 818 Ministries, and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.  

Stephanie enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee, and Saturday breakfast with her husband, Rick.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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