Passion for Prayer Pinterest“Passion is the fuel in the engine of your purpose…That’s why if I were your enemy,

I’d steal your passion.”  Priscilla Shirer, Fervent

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Passion is why you keep doing what you’re doing, even when it gets tough. Passion makes you want to dig in deeper and harder when everyone else would quit.

Passion combined with fervent prayer is an explosive weapon against the enemy. That’s why he wants to dull your desire. He knows if he can steal that fire inside you, you will be an easier target for discouragement. If he can get you so discouraged you stop praying, you become ineffective.

Once you are ineffective, you will have lost your cutting edge — especially when it comes to your prayer life.


Losing Your Cutting Edge (Passion) — 2 Kings 6:1-7

Based on the book Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer, there are four encouraging details in this scripture:

1- God is still near

During the OT times, the prophets represented God’s presence. So it is important to note the presence of Elisha because it tells us God is with us. God sees, hears, and knows what is going on with our situation. The enemy wants us to believe that God is not with us and does not care. Do not believe his lie.

2- The sons were accomplishing something good when their “cutting edge” was lost

Being in the right season of our life or ministry does not mean we will not have deal with discouragement. On the contrary, most times when we are being productive and moving in alignment with our purpose, we will find ourselves challenged by frustration. If you find that you are experiencing discouragement, you may just be doing something right!

3- The ax was borrowed

Our purpose and calling in life is a gift from God. It is not ours and we do not own it. He births those desires in our heart and spirit; He will stir up the flames of our passion.

4- Only God could retrieve the ax

There are circumstances in life that seem hopeless and desperate, but nothing is too far gone that God can not work. Sometimes we just need a miracle to fan the flames of our passion. It’s easy to look to other people or influences for help, but we have to trust in God and His ability to restore our desire for the purpose in which He has created us for.


Use these questions in your quiet time or feel free to comment below.

  • What passions has God gifted to you? What makes you excited to get up in the morning? What drives you and motivates you to want to serve Him?
  • Have you lost your passion? 
  • Have you recently had a time where you felt God was not near? That He did not see your situation or hear your cries?
  • Describe a time when you were doing every thing “right” and suddenly found yourself facing frustration or disappointment.
  • Do you need a miracle in your life? In what way do you need a miracle from God to regain your joy and passion for life?

Call To Prayer

Sometimes when we lose our passion we also lose our desire to pray. So, if you have to start at a place of obedience, then just do it. Be obedient. God will be faithful to honor your obedience.

Write out your prayer using scriptures that speaks to your specific situation.

You can use your own prayer journal or download and print this journal page:

Journal Page

Lord, thank you that you have given us a calling and gifts to fulfill that calling. Forgive us, Lord, when we don’t believe in ourselves the way You do. Forgive us when we lose our way and find ourselves discouraged with life’s circumstances. Jesus, we ask for a miracle to bring the passion and desire back into our lives and into our prayers. Even though it is hard for us to pray, Lord, we are being obedient to Your call for us to pray for ourselves and our family. We ask You to honor our obedience, though we may feel like our prayers are hitting the ceiling and bouncing back, we trust and believe that You are good, and You hear us, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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