But let all those rejoice who put their trust in you; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You. Psalm 5:11 NIV

by Mitzi Neely
Guest Contributor

Life is made up of lots of little moments – a walk on the beach, holding hands with your soulmate, enjoying a delicious dinner with friends, or viewing a sunset in complete silence – all serve as gentle reminders of life’s blessings we often take for granted.

Sometimes all we need is a break from our routine daily life to help us fully realize how small moments bring joy and make a difference in who we are and the purpose set before us.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize
they were big 
things.”  ~Kurt Vonnegut

Our lives have become so demanding and the pressure to do more, be more and collect more has become so burdensome that we lose sight of who or what is really important. Avoid letting someone or something steal your joy.

Declutter the unimportant and take back what makes you happy and joyful. 

Joy is not an emotion and it is not dependent on circumstance. True joy comes from God’s faithfulness and protection and it comes when we live in His presence.

Stepping away from the busyness to pray, meditate and reflect, allows us the opportunity to take in a fresh perspective complete with gratitude and appreciation.

We must think about the decisions and choices we make that continue to add to our plate of responsibility. Do they take time away from our loved ones? Do they steal away the precious minutes we could be spending with family and friends? Do we hear ourselves saying, “I can’t right now, but I’ll do it soon.”

The time is RIGHT NOW to realize that the little things really are the BIG things – the JOY things. We are to be thankful for the little things we have each day and take full advantage of them.

But let all those rejoice who put their trust in you; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You. Psalm 5:11 NIV

Take a moment and think about these words…….those who put their trust in Him will shout for joy. We are to take pleasure in God’s word and rejoice at all of the blessings and gifts He has given us. Thanks and shouts of joy should be on our lips every day.

There was a post written in 2007 by Lysa Terkeurst titled, Reserved Joy, that I like to read from time to time. Lysa says, “So today, I’m giving God my unreserved joy. I’m going to refuse to focus on the distractions and aggravations that will surely tug for my attention.”

My ‘So Today,’ is to intentionally take time for those who matter most and remember it’s the little things that occupy the BIGGEST part of my joy-filled heart.


1)  What things are stealing your joy in this season of life? Consider how you might gracefully bow out of some of these obligations and responsibilities to make more room for joy in your life.

2)  Make a Joyful list. What things bring your heart joy? Keep this list handy so that when circumstances threaten to steal your joy, you’ll have a reminder of the joy none can take from you.

3)  What is your “So, Today…?” How will you give God your unreserved joy in the midst of hard times?


Imagine your best friend is struggling with joy.  What would you say to her?  Share your advice and/or practical ideas for taking time away from the busyness and focusing on Real Joy. 


Mitzi Neely is the author of A Thankful Heart~30 Days to the Grateful Life, and an inspiring motivational speaker who encourages women of all ages through her experiences and shortcomings. She has been blessed with a passion and love for people that stretches across the generations. Her heart is to lighten your load, while conveying her message that nobody’s perfect.

So often God places certain people in your life at just the right moment; whether the reason is to help teach you, help you grow in your walk with Him, or to simply love and lift up others. Whatever your struggle or need, you will find encouragement through her words as she refreshes your heart and renews your joy. Follow Mitzi at www.peacefullyimperfect.net

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Mitzi Neely

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this joy-filled series. Each message has been meaningful and relevant and I’m so thankful for you and my sisters of faith.


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