Hidden Scars

I have scars, two actually, that point to a memory – the blessing of sons. In the moment that decides life of the baby or a scar left on my body the decision is easy.

While the initial incisions required tending to, rest, and care, the scars I carry are ones of pride and honor to be the mother of my boys. Years later I still carry the scars. Yes, they are hidden but they have changed my body in appearance.

For many of us the hidden scars of life pierce our heart leaving it to either harden or heal, but either way they will change us. Scars of resentment, hurt, betrayal and unfaithfulness lace our hearts and we wonder if our brokenness will ever bring life again.

Healing and hardening are so different. Healing brings life whereas a hardened heart brings darkness, infection and possibly death – the wound never allowed to heal.

Why? Is it too painful? Maybe.

But there is One who did heal from the pain; One who chose to endure pain much greater than ours.


“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5


Through the One who would satisfy the need for healing and restoration we can heal.  Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ healing takes place.

The scars of resentment turn to forgiveness; unfaithfulness turns to faithfulness and hurt turns to healing by seeking Him who carries the scars of redemption and hope. He heals and brings life.

Isn’t it time to live again and allow for the scars to bring meaning?
What prevents you from choosing healing over a hardened heart?

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Liane ConawayAs a teacher and writer, Liane Conaway is thankful that God can use her brokenness to communicate God’s truth with authenticity and passion to offer Hope in the messiness of life.

Another passion that drives her is her love for the Word of God. Over the last 21 years she has led numerous Bible studies desiring to encourage women to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.

Although Liane has spoken at numerous Christian events for women in her hometown, she hopes to spend more time ministering through speaking and writing after 13 years of homeschooling ends this spring.

Liane is a team member and contributing writer at Real Women Ministries.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



So true, Liane. Scars are a reminder that can be positive or negative. That is our choice to make. God gave us a free will and a brain for us to make that choice. When looking at Jesus’s scars from his crucifixion, I choose to have them remind me of what He and His Heavenly Father gave to us through His suffering. Eternal life.
My biggest scar is emotional so not seen by anyone. It is the death of my late husband, Randy. My choice was to continue living and that brought incredible blessings to me. Those blessings include a loving husband and a wonderful and large extended family that I love dearly. I would have never known them if not for my scar.


Yes, you chose healing and for that I’m so thankful for I am recipient of it. 😘


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