Yesterday I shared about grief and how it seems to come out of nowhere.

I thought of my visits with my mamaw. She was the place I would go when I was feeling down, needing a little pick-me-up or even a swift kick in the pants. She always had a Bible verse or two (and some ice cream!) to make it all better and straighten me out.

I can still see her pulling her Bible out from under her side-table to find the perfect verses for my weary heart, and it reminded me of something I wrote in In the Shadow of the Cross about the disciples after Jesus had been crucified and buried and they were feeling down:

“There they sit, in silence and grief. Their friend is gone. They feel the loss. The emptiness. The heaviness of the…previous day.

And the one person who can make it all better…Gone.

There is silence…just a gaping hole in their heart – and deafening silence…

But Jesus had already prepared them for this. He knew they would feel this way, so He had spent much time giving them the words they would need to carry them through this [grief].”

And just like Jesus made sure the disciples had His words of instruction, comfort and peace to prepare them for their grief, He does the same for us through His Word – the Bible. A lesson mamaw obviously had learned in her young 99 years.

When we find we need comfort during our grief we can do what mamaw did for me for so many years …turn to the Scriptures to see what He has to say to your weary heart.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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