FERVENT Strategy 3 Identity
“Fervent prayer keeps your identity in focus…that’s why if I were your enemy, I’d magnify your insecurities.”
Priscilla Shirer, Fervent

This post is part of the #RealWomenPray online Bible study series: “Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, Strategic Prayer”
by Priscilla Shirer. 

If we were aware of our “authentic identity” (Fervent, page 57), we would understand the power of God within us.

Satan doesn’t want us to realize we have that kind of power because he knows it enables us to fight against him and his schemes, so he keeps us immobilized by attacking our belief in our value and self-image.

God’s Word is full of identity-affirming verses that will help keep our focus on who we truly are created to be. Though if we don’t spend time in God’s Word and prayer we will never know these truths.


Ephesians 1:1-23; 2:1-10

Read each verse and pay attention to all the ways Paul reminds us of our identity and the blessings we have in Christ.

▪ Faithful

▪ Blessed

▪ Chosen

▪ Holy

▪ Children of God

▪ Redeemed

▪ Forgiven

▪ Heirs

▪ Receivers of His Holy Spirit

▪ Receivers of His promises

▪ Full of hope

▪ Called

▪ Loved

▪ Alive

▪ Saved

▪ Seated in heavenly places

▪ Rich in grace

▪ God’s workmanship

As Paul wrote about these attributes, he prayed we would realize we already have these things in Christ. It is not somethingyet to be obtained. It already is.

In 2 Kings 6:17 Elisha prayed the servant’s eyes would be open—that he would see what was already there.

Prayer is what brought about the ability to have clear eyes to see the situation as it is in reality rather than how it seems to appear.

If only we could grab on to these truths; to see ourselves as we really are as opposed to the lie the enemy has convinced us is our identity.

If we will combine God’s promises of who we are from scripture with prayer, we can begin to continually leave an impression of His truth onto our hearts that will transform our thoughts about ourselves.

When we focus on a few flaws or weaknesses, we are unable to see the whole picture of who we are; we are blinded to our true identity and we are already defeated. Prayer opens our eyes so we can see the entire picture of who God created us to be.


We all have times where we doubt our value or importance. We struggle with our identity of who we are and what is our purpose.

*Make a list of what you believe about yourself

*Next, make a list of what God says about you using scripture

*Compare these two lists and see where your thoughts contradict what God’s Word says about you

*How can you begin to change the lies you have allowed yourself to believe?


“Those flaws and weaknesses the enemy is hell-bent on accentuating are not more important or powerful than the strengths and resources [we] now have in Christ…The enemy has been telling us for so long that we’re no good, washed-up, under equipped, incompetent, insignificant, unlovable, and not quite up to par.” (Fervent, page 66)

Use the lists you made to craft specific, identity-affirming prayers for yourself.

Jesus, thank You for all the ways You tell us how much You love us and how You see us. Thank You for Your word that is a daily reminder of the power we have in You. Lord, forgive us when we forget our true identity. Forgive us when we begin to believe the lies of the enemy. Jesus, we ask that You will open our eyes to see clearly our situation(s) as they are in reality and not how they seem to appear in the moment. Father, help us to find Your identity-affirming words in scripture so that we may be able to meditate on Your word and stand against the lies of the enemy. We praise You in advance for answering our prayers and restoring our view of our identity and calling in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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