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Week One Wrap-Up
Ephesians 1:1-23


This week we used Strong’s Concordance to define:

    • Grace – (Charis) 1 that which affords joy, pleasure, delight; 2 Good will, loving-kindness, favor
    • Peace – (Eirene) 1 tranquility; 2 harmony; 3 security, safety; 5 (Christianity) – tranquil state of a soul assured of salvation through Christ
    • Faith – (pistis) persuaion, believe, conviction; (root word: peitho) to have faith, confidence, to persuade
    • Believe – (pisteuo) to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing), by implication to entrust, put in trust with



We used Bible commentary to answer:

  • Who wrote the book of Ephesians? Paul
  • Where was it written? From a prison cell
  • When was it written? 60-62
  • Why did the author write it? To encourage and show the importance of relationship over tradition and rule keeping


We learned how to understand the overall context of the passage by reading the entire chapter several times each day.


Through Paul’s experiences, we saw how God can take an unlikely, unlovable, undeserving individual and pour out grace through salvation.  Only through our faith and complete trust in Christ are we also able to receive His grace, bring peace to our soul, and ultimately show HIs love to others. This is the true testimony of a follower of Christ.

We also read Paul’s desire for us to experience God’s power and riches – something we already possess p to help us fulfill God’s calling for our lives.

After you watch the video below, share with us your WOW (Word of Wisdom) moment from our study this week – something you read that left a Wow! impression. 

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I think my WOW moment is how much Paul uses “Father” in this chapter. God really does desire to be our Father, and to have that close relationship with him.

Shirley Chancellor

I even hate to admit this, but my WOW moment was the realization that Paul was not with Jesus and the other apostles before the Christ died. I guess I took it for granted that since he was called an apostle, he was with Jesus during his ministry. As many times as I’ve read these chapters, I just did not catch that. WOW


My WOW moment is knowing that God truly does love us even though we do not deserve it, that we are sinful and evil people but yet God loves us and cherishes us and helps us always.


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