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Pray Without Ceasing
Ephesians 6:18-24


This is the final lesson of Dive Deeper and we are going to do a solo D.I.V.E.  I know you can do this, because you have been working hard for six weeks and have shared some great insights!  I look forward to reading your D.I.V.E. report 😉


Read Ephesians 6 several times to remember the overall context, then focus on verses 18-24.



  • Prayer
  • Supplication

What is the difference between these two?
What other words/phrases did you define? 



  • What is Paul’s main message in these last verses?
  • How should we pray?
  • When should we pray?
  • Who should we pray for?

Share what questions you investigated during your solo D.I.V.E



In a few sentences, summarize the book of Ephesians.
What has impacted you most through this study? 


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I think this study has opened my eyes to how little I have been reading the word. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the DIVE method. But reading chapters in Ephesians over and over has reminded me how the Bible really is not that complicated. Also, as I read over and over, I found that different verses stood out to me. I can read really read the word and enjoy it – especially when I do a little research about the purpose of the book (which this study looked into.) It’s easy for me read books by Christian people – and that is all well and good, but not the word of God. I’ve already started Philippians and Romans. Thank You for this study, Stephanie.

Stephanie K. Adams

Gina, I hope you were able to develop your own method. Something that works for you and your reading patterns. I know it was hard for me to adjust to because it is not how I typically study. But I liked the reminder to ask the “investigate” questions about the author, audience, time period, culture, etc. Those are things I forget when I begin to study because I want to jump straight to the “embrace” – how does it apply to me.

If you click over to the section of the website “Daily Scripture Reading” and print off a free journal page, that is another way to study scripture, too. And there are a few resources under “Bible Study” that may give you some idea of ways to study.

I’m so glad to have had you in the study with me. Thank you for hanging in there.


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