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Standards of New Living



Read Ephesians 4 in it’s entirety several times to remember the overall context. Then focus in on Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2.

Define – Investigate – Embrace

Today, Jenifer asks us to go on a “solo D.I.V.E.”.  She asks us to develop our own list of words to define, questions to investigate, and to make a list of attributes of God using a concordance.

Share your list of words, questions, and attributes.  Did you use an outline, verse map, or some other method to organize your study?  

Read Leviticus chapters 1-5 and make a list of the 5 offerings God commanded the Israelites to partake.

What do each of these represent in relationship to Christ?
Which offering speaks to you the most? Why? 

As you read Paul’s message of putting off the old habits of sin and walking in a new way of living in Christ, allow time for God to speak to you about any area where you still need to work on renewing your way of thinking and acting.   Let’s challenge ourselves to spend time in prayer.

What in your life do you need to put off, lay aside, to get rid of? 

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  If you would like to join us in prayer, please feel free to send visit our prayer room. You can pray over requests left by others or you can submit your own request. If you have a particularly sensitive request you would like prayer for but wish to keep private, you may contact me directly by email through the contact form.


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