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BLOOM – Together Is Better

by Liz Giertz, Contributing Writer

I’ve seen the bulb fields in Holland in full bloom and bluebonnets taking over entire pastures here in Texas. It is striking to see a multitude of like blooms blanketing the countryside. Whole fields bathed in a single color. It is so powerful.

Holland fields day 7


When we gather together with women who share the same interests, there are powerful results, too. Through these similar likes, we sharpen each other. We magnify our shared gifts.

But when I see fields of wild flowers of different varieties blooming together. Well, that is positively breathtaking! With all their different shapes, textures, and colors – reds, yellows, blues, pinks, and oranges in the same field.

Wildflowers Day 7
That’s what a gloriously diverse and beautiful group of women sharing their unique gifts and talents with each other looks like. We compliment and contrast each other in a way that brings drama (in a good way) and beauty to any group as a whole. And our ability to bloom TOGETHER attracts others to us.

I’m so excited for this incredible group of women to discover the full array of your God given gifts and talents so you can display them as you glorify His name and direct others to Him so that you can bear fruit by sharing your faith.

Bloom Day 7

You are going to BLOOM beautifully as you become the MASTERPIECE God created you to be!

BLOOM beautifully as you become the MASTERPIECE God created you to be @LizGiertz #Bloom Click To Tweet

Dear Sisters, I’d like to invite you to spend just a few moments in prayer with me.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the growth you are bringing to each of us here today. No matter what stage or phase we are in now, we know you provide all we need to flower. Help us to identify those people who will support us when we weary. Show us when to rest and when it’s time for our buds to burst open. Give us the discernment and wisdom to know where and how deeply to prune for maximum growth and blooming. Remind us to always turn toward Your Word and prayer as the vital nutrients that will make flowering in the dark possible. Bring us into contact with others who have similar skills so we can hone each other? Lord, I thank you for the beautiful gifts You have given to each of the women who invested in this study this week for Your glory. Please help us to clearly see where our flower fits in this field. I pray all this in the Name of Your Most Holy and Precious Son Jesus. Amen. 

If today you feel the Holy Spirit stirring your soul and would like someone to pray with you about beginning this beautiful journey toward flowering in faith, comment below, visit our Prayer Room or send us an e-mail through our Contact form


Blossoms of Fun Questions

Would you rather travel to Texas and see the bluebonnets in bloom or Holland to see the bulb fields flowering?

Study Questions

1)Read 1 Corinthians chapter 12. What embodiment of the trinity unifies the work of our different gifts?

2) What dangers exist for the Church as a whole when the body of Christ does not work in unity?

3) How can you live out 1 Corinthians 12:26? Has there been a time when you succeeded at living this way? A time when you fell short?

4) According to 1 Corinthians 12:31 – 13:13 say is the more excellent way?

5) According to 1 Corinthians 16:14 how should we do all things? What is one way you can embody this principle today?

Join us in the comment section below and tell us your answers to the study questions

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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