by Stephanie K Adams

Most of us have seen the newest trend in Bible study – journaling. It fills our social media feeds -with beautiful images and lettering of Scripture verses or prayers.

I have to admit, I love spending time with a pen in my hand writing or doodling on paper. But I am not very good at being artistic. And my journaling certainly would not make anyone want to flip through my notebook and see my creations.

However, you don’t have to be creative to journal the Word. Journaling can simply be writing out the scripture in your own handwriting to help memorize God’s Word. It can even be writing study notes, prayers, or promises from God He has spoke to your heart.

One of the best gifts I ever received was my grandparents Bible. To see their handwriting in the margin of the Bible, reading how God had spoken to them at a certain point in time, what a blessing to see prayers written out for family members – a beautiful legacy of faith!

We could leave that same legacy to our loved ones, too.

Today we have access to so many journal Bibles with ample space for writing and being creative.


Thomas Nelson’s Journal the Word Bible (available in KJV and NKJV) is a great option because it has a hardcover which allows for more stability while creating and is durable for handing down generation after generation.

The columns give ample space to record study/sermon notes, prayers, or for allowing your creativity to spill out across the pages. An elastic band is added to help hold pages in place as you create.


If you are considering a Bible to journal to give to family, this would make a great gift.

I have one NKJV Journal the Word Bible from Thomas Nelson to give away to a member of our online community.

Be sure you join us – members of Real Women Ministries will be entered for a chance to receive the FREE Journal the Word Bible by Thomas Nelson.

Disclaimer: A free copy of the NKJV Journal the Word Bible was provided in exchange for an honest review of the product.