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Hope Is Contagious

Hope makes people wonder. Wonder about you. Wonder about your situation. Wonder why you are they way you are. Wonder about your hope.

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Hope Is Persevering

That night was probably anything but silent, because pain cries out. Suffering is rarely silent.

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Hope Is Risky – You Can Fall On Me

The Christmas miracle recorded in scripture began with a normal, ordinary man saying yes to an uncertain future.

That same God calls to His children today from the pages of His Word, and sometimes it feels uncertain, improbable, unlikely.

Obedience may look like risk, but it’s actually the safest place we can be.

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Hope Is: Expecting The Best Is Yet To Come

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or discouraged by your circumstances this season, rejoice in knowing that the best is yet to come.

Hope is knowing that what we face today – joy or angst – will pale in comparison with the glory of God’s eternal best for us in His Kingdom.

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Belief Makes Your Impossibles Possible

What did it take for Hannah and Mary to believe anything was possible with God? What can we learn from them in this season of hope?

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Hope In Jesus

Hope can be an amazing feeling of excitement for what is to come. But do we really understand what hope means from a biblical perspective? Real Hope should always be found in Jesus.