All it took was one confession to kick the door wide open.

I had no way of knowing that one touch of the record button and a simple video message to a group of friends would lead to a domino effect.  One friend after another raised their virtual hand and said, “me too.”

Each one admitting they, too, were grasping at threads of joy in their lives; struggling with feelings that are less than…well, just that…less than.

Since that private video message, we have jumped head first into a discussion of JOY – and we are sharing our thoughts with you.

In this devotion series, we talk about joy – what it is, what it isn’t.

  • Is joy a feeling?
  • Can joy be found in the midst of sorrow?
  • Restored if it’s been destroyed?
  • Is joy a choice?

What is joy – real joy?

We hope you will allow Christ to speak to you as you read through the scriptures and the devotions.  We also hope you will join our conversation in the comment section of each devotion.  We would love to hear what God is showing you about joy – you never know when sharing your thoughts will encourage someone else.

DAY ONE: Struggling with Joy

DAY TWO: When Your Joy Feels Destroyed

DAY THREE: Joy – The Powerful Weapon

DAY FOUR: Joy Restored

DAY FIVE: Sowing Tears for a Harvest of Joy

DAY SIX:  Joyful Sorrow

DAY SEVEN: Joy in the Midst of Life’s Battles

DAY EIGHT: When God’s Consolation Brings Joy

DAY NINE: Collapsible Joy

DAY TEN: Joy-Maker

DAY ELEVEN: Little Things in Life Bring Joy


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