Let's chat schoolIt’s a special time of the year; time for the excitement of new clothes, notebooks, lunch boxes, and the coolest new must-have gadgets.  It’s a time to return to the familiarity of life left aside for the summer and an exhaled sigh of settling into a comfortable rhythm of a routine schedule.

And although the initial prep work required to get those angelic faces back into the seats of education is daunting — because let’s face it, elbowing our way through the school supply department, with the endless list of items we are sure our kids will never use, but are absolutely “necessary”,  the night before school begins is always great fun —  it is well worth it once there is a moment of quiet in the house.

But soon we notice a pull at our mother’s heart.  A small tug that can quickly become a tight grip.

So, today I am wondering:

•What was the hardest part about sending your kid(s) back to school?

•What is your biggest worry for your kid(s)?

•If you could ask God for one thing for your kid(s) what would it be?

Let’s chat!  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.  I really want to hear from you.

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Cindy Wise

My biggest fear is fear. When school starts and every day when I take my daughter to school, I fear school violence, that she’ll be treated badly or unfairly. I am also fearful for her future. I have however rebuked that fear. I pray over her, I direct her to Jesus and I trust my God that he will care for her always. I don’t fool myself that this means nothing bad will happen but know that whatever happens, He loves her more than me and wants only the best for her and he is holding her in his hands. No matter what happens. As a believer, Her future on earth and/or in heaven is assured by my Jesus! I pray this over as her life verses: Jeremiah 29:11, Ephesians 3:16-21, Ecclesiastes 6:10

Stephanie K Adams

This is beautiful, Cindy. It is indeed so scary to know we are not truly in control. We want to protect our kids, but ultimately it is God who protects and has control of our lives. Praying scripture is the only way to bring God’s promises into action over our children. Thank you for sharing your heart my sweet friend.


The hardest part is knowing there will be bad influences surrounding them and the amount of time away from them. To keep them safe physically and spiritually. I ask God to put his angels around them because I cant be there to warn them of safety stuff like when they are home near me and that he will give them wisdom and discernment and recall the things they know of God’s word to help them with new friends and current relationships. For example a big subject in our house lately has been about making sure that when we have friends who aren’t Christians that we are influencing them for Christ more than their bad habits influence us. So for the kiddios its about those moments at lunch time when I want God to recall those conversations we’ve had and his word that gives those everyday moments a life lesson from God and the courage to make the right choices when no one in authority is watching. So the influence comes from God within and becomes an outward action.

Stephanie K Adams

I agree it is so important to teach our children to do know how to recall what has been taught and to use it even if no one else is watching. We want to raise them to be God pleasers and not people pleasers. It’s good to follow rules but not for the sake of just following rules. We want our kids to know the reason behind the lifestyle choices we make and that we hope they will make. Being God influencers to their no -believing friends is easier when they know the “why” behind it all.

Thanks for sharing, friend.


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