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I am so excited to have you join me for our next online study – Dive Deeper by Jenifer Jernigan.  This is going to be a great study. We are going to learn how to really dig in to God’s Word with greater understanding.

How Does This Online Study Work Anyway?

Beginning Monday, April 11th, you will receive an email each Monday during the study with a weekly overview.  **This Monday there will be a video teaching on Bible study tools**

We will work through one section of the study each week. Each section has 3 lessons (except Section Three, which has 2), therefore we will read and discuss three lessons each week.  You can see the entire study outline on the main page of our study – click here.

Each lesson summary and discussion questions will be emailed to you throughout the week and will also posted in our password protected group page.

*This is a new format as we have moved away from conducting discussions on Facebook*

So What’s Next?

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the beginning of our study on Monday:

▪ Take a little time this weekend to read the Introduction and D.I.V.E. It’s only about 14 pages, but it will introduce you to the D.I.V.E. method we will be learning during the study.
▪ Also read Appendices I-III. Choose which tools you prefer, whether actual books (you can order them or borrow them from your local library), software, or FREE online study tools. (Personally, although I love the feel of a ‘real’ book, I mainly use online tools and software I have purchased)

Gather Your Tools

▪ Bible
▪ Pen, pencil, and/or markers
▪ Notebook/journal – We have also created a journal page for you to use in a notebook. If you want suggestions on how to put together a Dive Deeper notebook, you can visit Jenifer Jernigan’s blog.
▪ (Optional) Sticky notes or tabs to mark your book and/or journal
▪ Gather the study materials you chose from the Appendices. If you are using online tools, be sure to ‘favorite’ or ‘bookmark’ them so you can find them easily. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the study tools.

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you.  Let’s take some time to introduce ourselves in the comment section below.  Tell us your name, where you live, what interested you about this study, and tell us one fun/interesting fact about yourself.

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Shirley Chancellor

So excited to begin another study with other sisters in Christ! I am an educator completing my 30th year. I plan to retire in May. I have one daughter, an amazing son-in-law, and 2 granddaughters aged 22 and 20. 😌

Stephanie K. Adams

Hello again, Shirley! I am so glad you are joining me again for another study. Can’t wait to hear some of your thoughts as we get into the study. Have a great weekend.

Melissa Eagle

My name is Melissa and I live in SE Virginia. This will be my third study with Stephanie and the girls; I am so looking forward to working our way thru Ephesians together.

Kari Braddock

Hi, my name is Kari and I’m in Texas. My friend, Jana, at Sweet to the Soul introduced me to this study and I’m thrilled to be “diving deep” in the Word!

Stephanie K. Adams

Hi, Kari! I’m so glad you are joining us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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