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From Knowledge to Action
Ephesians 4:1-16



Read Ephesians chapter 4 in it’s entirety several times to understand all Paul is trying to convey. Then focus in on Ephesians 4:1-16


Study Skills

This week we begin to take a few D.I.V.E. steps on our own.  We will use an Interlinear Bible for the first time during this study.  I will be honest with you, I have never used this particular resource myself, so I am learning something new this week, too.   Although this was my first time using this type of tool, I enjoyed having the information in one place with easy, clickable links.  I used BibleHub.com to look up verses from our lesson.  There are also interlinear Bibles at BibleStudyTools.com and  BibleGateway.com.

We also get some practice using a concordance as we look up verses for the following words:

  • Patience (longsuffering and/or mercy)
  • Agape (tolerant) love

Share with us some of your verses



Use Strong’s Concordance to look up the following words:

  • Walk
  • Apostle
  • Prophet
  • Evangelist
  • Pastor
  • Teacher



Again, we begin to D.I.V.E. on our own this week and Jenifer asks us to list our own investigation questions.

Share what questions you asked to investigate these verses in Ephesians



Paul urges us to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which [we] have been called” (vs 1) and lists 5 characteristics of a worthy walk (page 116; Eph 4:2-3).

He also exhorts us to use the gifts we have been given for “building up the body of Christ” (vs 12) and lists 5 types of gifts God gives to leaders (page 156-157; Eph 4:11).

We are all gifted in some way to help edify the church.  What are your gifts?

If you are unsure, spend some time in prayer this week asking God what He has gifted you to do. Remember, not everyone is called to a ‘spotlight’.  Sometimes the greatest ministry we are called to is taking care of our children, helping our neighbor with yard work, or praying for a friend.

I would be honored to pray with you regarding the calling God has placed on your life.  This week is the National Day of Prayer and Real Women Ministries will be spending time in prayer for all requests we receive.  If you would like prayer, please feel free to send your request to me either in the comments below or you can visit our prayer room.  If you have a particularly sensitive request you would prefer to keep private, you may contact me directly by email through our contact form.

Share how you are using your gifts to encourage someone


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Share how you are using your gifts to encourage someone: I’m working on a book for my niece, that hopefully she will read one day and be encouraged. 🙂


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