• Moment of Suffering – Eternity of Glory – 1 Peter 5:10

    Although our struggles in America, as real and as important as they are, can in no way compare to the suffering of Christians around the world, all of us can find comfort in the Word of God given through Peter in this letter.

  • A Living Hope – 1 Peter 1:3

    God is worthy of our worship because He is our LIVING HOPE – alive and actively participating in bringing help into desperate situations.

  • Amazing Love – Ezra 9:9

    God could have given up on us, turned His back and walked away. But instead He gave; gave all He had to give. He risked it all on the Cross in the hope that one day we would say “Yes” to Him.

  • A Renewed Portion – 2 Corinthians 4:16

    Each day is unique, with it’s own rare challenges, and He gives us the portion we need for our assigned undertaking for each specific day.

  • Nothing New – Ecclesiastes 1:9

    God is the same today as He has always been. His promises do not change. If His Word has promised something, then it is still a promise to day.

  • Satisfy the Weary Soul – Jeremiah 31:25

    Continually dwelling in His Word and presence will help us prevent being depleted and working in our own strength.

  • New Year | New Look | New Name | Exciting Opportunities

    Gathering a community of women to seek God and His Word

    New year, New Look, New Opportunities for Bible Study

  • Hope Came Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes

    Hope—God’s greatest gift—came to us wrapped in a simple baby blanket, full of joy, life, and love.

  • The Empty Seat at the Table

    The loss of a parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling, niece or nephew, in-law, friend or child creates a hole begging to be filled and a seat at the table that remains empty.

    What do you say on that day when hearts are broken and feelings are frayed? I learned three things that matter.