• Love Protects: Choosing Wisely When It Isn’t Easy

    As Christ’s followers, it is our job to diligently protect others. It’s what love does. There are times when protecting someone is easy, but then there are times when protecting another stretches us.

  • Covered in Love

    When we fail to love as God does, we create controversy, but when we let His love shine through us, we promote peace, we bring a little of our hoped-for heaven to earth.

  • Believing God is Love

    We must come to know AND believe the love that God has for us and we must trust the goodness of His love.

  • One Word + 1

    For 2018 we are ADDING to our ONE WORD from last year.

  • Intentional Christmas

    Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker! Psalm 95:6 ESV by Stephanie K Adams It seems each year the holiday season begins earlier than the year before and it gets more stressful as the demands to pull off a Pinterest-perfect event of epic portions weighs heavily on the… Read more »


    Feeding and nurturing our spirit is the foundation to overall health. And true refreshing comes from time spent alone – with God.

  • Intentional Self-Care – Taking Care of Our Bodies

    We cannot continue at a frantic pace without stopping to take time to refill and refuel.

  • Intentional Self-Care – The Gift of Quiet Time

      by Gwen Williams Contributing Writer Intentional prayer and listening prayer can happen successfully when you practice embracing the gift of quiet time. We know that Jesus went up into the mountains away from the people in order to hear the voice of God. We also know that if we rush around and pack our… Read more »

  • Intentional Prayer – Private Conversations with God

    God longs to fellowship with us and He wants to be an important part of our every day. Being intentional in our conversations with Him, not only gives Him joy, but gives us so much more.