• Sweet Kara

    I have decided to publicly share my latest email to Kara. Not for any reason other than, as I read comments in response to her latest blog post, many of us are unsure how we should feel. We are trying to grasp tightly to our friend and her time here. I hope by sharing this… Read more »

  • Treasure Them…Then Let Go

    “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke‬ ‭2‬:‭19‬ ESV Mary captured every moment, every memory of her baby boy to cherish and comfort her later in life. She knew as she watched her son grow the day would come when she would have to let Him go. He had… Read more »

  • From A Close Distance

    Sitting by the window, coffee in hand, I watch as the wind blows strong through the trees. I think how good the cool breeze would feel against my face. I can remain sitting in the comfort of my chair, cozy inside and think about how the wind feels, or I can actually go sit outside on the porch. I… Read more »

  • Mama, You Are Not A Failure

    Have you ever fallen into your warm bed at night and thought, “I feel like a failure”? Many nights disappointment has climbed into bed with me and settled into my heart and mind as I think about my day. I yelled at my kids, missed that doctor’s appointment I forgot to reschedule, and burned dinner… Read more »