My heart was unsettled because of unkind words a friend had written to me.

Her words were unloving, unmerciful, and lacking in grace.  Although I knew her accusations that I was not a good friend were formed through hurts caused by others, my heart latched on to the punishing words, leading to thoughts of failure in my friendships with other women.

Today I came across 1 John 3:20 during my quiet time.  “for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and He knows everything”.

God is greater

Just what I needed to hear.  God is bigger than my feelings of being inadequate. Even though “He knows everything” about me, He chooses to see me through the truth of His sacrificial love.  His grace and mercy cover my failures, both real and imagined.

Sadly, the other person decided to end the friendship.  I continue to pray for her.  I know she is hurting and experiencing some hard times.  When you are in relationship with another person, you will inevitably have a disagreement.  But, when you love you someone, you just go through it and come out on the other side. God’s love does not condemn either one of us…so, why should my own heart?

Have you experienced a situation where your heart pronounced you guilty? How did God speak to you during this time?

Prayer: Lord, forgive us when we allow emotions to punish ourselves and bring judgement when Your love brings grace and mercy to the situation. May we remember to always look to You for our strength and source of truth.  Be with my friend today, may she know she is loved and cherished. Amen

(Original publish date: 11/11/14)

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



Isn’t it amazing how someone’s words can be recorded over the truth that we know? I also had someone’s words about me (very false and hurtful) play like a broken record in my heart. It’s amazing how long it takes to heal from hurtful words. It has made me work harder to make sure my words aren’t reckless, but careful and thought-out.

Thanks for sharing!

Your Neighbor on #RaRaLinkup! –Dana

Stephanie K. Adams

Thank you for stopping by today, Dana. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts and I was just over at your blog reading, too.

Leah Adams

How painful is the breakup of a friendship! I had that happen years ago with a dear friend. She had veered off into the New Age movement and I confronted her about it. She was very angry with me, and broke off the friendship. It hurt then, and the memory of it is still painful. I’m so glad that the Lord fills in the gaps when we are hurt. Stopping by from #RaRalinkup! Blessings to you.


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