By Kristine Brown, Guest Writer

It was a beautiful Sunday morning service. Our church didn’t look like most traditional churches. You wouldn’t find any stained glass windows, or even carpet for that matter, but God’s presence was there – no doubt about it. God had made it clear to me and my sweet husband two years before that He wanted us to pastor this little congregation. And services like we had this particular Sunday confirmed it in our hearts.

I left church that day feeling victorious – firmly set on the path God planned just for me.

Then I went home, settled in to relax, and began scrolling through my newsfeed. That’s when the comparison monster appeared once again.

Oh yes, I’d heard him before. But this time he caused me to doubt my purpose. You see, another church plant began establishing a place in our little community. Ours had been in existence for a couple of years now, but this church had just started within the past few months. According to the posts on social media, they were doing quite well.

I read post after post praising God for the people He had brought to their church. Numbers in attendance, plans for future growth, and connections made with the community. I know I should’ve been happy for them. Of course I should have! Our goal is to work together as one body to draw people to God, right? But in a matter of minutes, I forgot all that.

I allowed their successes to distract me from God’s plan. The voice of comparison caused me to question my calling.


I’m ashamed to admit this, but that was just one of many times I allowed comparison to work its way into my circumstances. But as I began to study the topic more and more, I found that I was not alone in this struggle.

Discovering the answers to quieting that voice became not only a quest for me, but something I determined to share with others, as well. That’s how the Over It book came to be.

In the book, I explore the stories of three women in Scripture who fell into the comparison trap but learned the keys to finding freedom from comparing. Walking through their stories, I was able to…

  • Discover deep truths about the struggle with comparison.
  • Find contentment in my God-given uniqueness.
  • Learn how to say, “I’m over it” and mean it.

Has the voice of comparison caused you to question your calling? Are you ready to erase it from your life for good? Then allow me to invite you on this journey. I’ve found some remarkable truths, and I’d love to share them with you.

I’m a practical girl, and I need easy-to-follow tips I can begin today. From the stories in the book, I’ve uncovered steps we can all implement in our daily lives. These steps will help us make real change – a change that will take us deeper in our walk with God.

Over It SPINE (1) (1)The Over It book releases today. I am so excited to share its message, I can hardly contain myself! If you’d like to learn more about the book, visit the book page here.

Would you like to join me in this adventure? Then let’s not wait another minute to begin. To purchase a copy and get started claiming victory over comparison in your own life, click here. I pray you will gain the tools to help you let go of comparing and live out the unique plan God created just for you.



Author Bio 1
Kristine Brown is a writer, dramatist, and teacher. She helps women and teen girls navigate the ups and downs of real-life. Kristine devotes her time to family, freelance writing, and her non-profit ministry, More Than Yourself, Inc. You can read more from her at Connect with Kristine on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.






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Written by Stephanie K. Adams



Kristine. I can so appreciate your post. I have had the comparison issue arise in my life more times than I care to admit. In fact write before reading this post, my mind wanted to go there over something I saw someone else do. Fortunately, this time I tamed the monster and reminded myself that my walk is mine and that I don’t have to look at others and compare myself to them. Sometimes we just have to put that comparison “voice” in check. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie K Adams

Thank you, Rosie, for stopping by today. I completely agree with you, it is nice to have a friend give us a reminder to put our comparison voice in check. And I am so glad Kristine wrote “Over It” to remind us all.


Awesome Rosie! The remarkable thing I found is that women in Scripture did the same thing! I give an in-depth look at three of them in the book. It’s packed full of great Bible study!

Crystal Storms

While comparison can cause us to question God’s heart for us, His truth can quiet the lies. Love that, Kristine. Congratulations on the release of “Over It”!


Yes! Such a tough yet necessary topic! So excited for your book release and the hearts you’ll free from comoarison by sharing your experience and wisdom from the Word! Blessings, friend!


Thank you Liz! I’ve felt a burden today for those who read the words in the book and choose to take that step toward erasing comparison for good.

Debbie Williams

Kristine I can associate with you in my past anyway as an assoc pastor’s wife not having the programs everyone else did, etc.. Congratulations on Over It!


I know exactly what you mean, Debbie. I’m so thankful for other women who are letting me know that I’m not alone in the struggle. God gives us hope through His Word to put an end to comparison once and for all. Thanks sweet lady!


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