Last week was the beginning of the new Read-Worthy Weekend feature for my blog. I am grateful for everyone’s positive responses and hope you enjoy this week’s list.

This week I asked Katie Graves to be the first guest blogger for R.E.A.L. Women. I was so excited that she said yes and she shared a beautiful piece about One Life’s Most Beautiful Treasure – friendship.

Also, be sure to visit Katie’s blog and read Beauty in the Midst of Difficulty, where she writes about life and death.

Speaking of losing someone special, if you were unable to connect to the live stream of Kara Tippett’s memorial service you can now view it online at Mundane Faithfulness.

When we experience the loss of someone we love, it is very hard to see grace in the midst of grief.  Susan B. Mead has experienced the biggest fear of parent, losing a child.  She has a new book, Dance with Jesus, where she tells her story of grief at the loss of multiple family members and how she learned to see Jesus and grace through the difficulty.

To read a review of Susan’s book, visit Renee Griffin’s blog. Renee shares how she met Susan and the joy of seeing the vision of this book became a reality.


Although this was Holy Week, and most blogs focused on the events of Easter/Passover, I noticed another theme beginning to emerge in some of the blogs I read — honesty about our struggles and our need for Jesus.

Nothing sums up the heart of R.E.A.L. Women more than Jann Cobb‘s post Admitting that I Don’t Have it All Together.

I.  LOVE.  This.  Post.  It is exactly Why I Do What I Do.  Thank you Jann for being so open, honest, and vulnerable and trusting us, your readers, with your heart.

Kelly Ballarie writes in  When Excuses Rule , “Motherhood takes will power to be good. Many times, I just don’t have it. But, I pretend I do. So, I load myself up with a lot of excuses to make my insides not feel like my outsides.”  Oh, boy! That sounds familiar; I’ve heard myself make excuses so many times, too!  But, Kelly doesn’t just leave us there feeling like a bag of excuses.  She leads us to Jesus; where He gave no excuses on the cross.  And because of His goodness, we can be released from all our imperfections and receive His grace.

Suzanne Eller writes When Excuses Get in the Way and helps us understand that excuses are “self-made mountains” that we should refuse to climb, but rather surrender them to Jesus.  She even writes what surrender looks like — my favorite example is: “I’ll heal whether anyone else wants to be fixed or not.”

Kim Stewart wraps it all up for us in Don’t Worry, Be Happy — stop hiding and start seeking Jesus.

Seeking Jesus.  There is no other time of the year that we focus on seeking Him than during the Easter/Passover season.  There are so many beautifully written blogs that will usher you from the triumphal entry to the foot of the cross and right up to the entry way of the empty tomb.  Here are a few blogs that show us the cross and our need for Him.

Jennifer Dukes Lee — The Fullness of Our Joy on Sadder-Days and Sundays

Katie Farrell — Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Angela Parlin — Why We Need Revival

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Janet Benson

I’m so excited to see this feature, Stephanie! I can’t wait to follow every link and read every post. May God bless you for the time you pour into enriching our lives.

Stephanie K. Adams

I’m hope you enjoy these wonderful writers and find inspiration to keep writing your own words of encouragement. Thanks for stopping by this week!

Kim Stewart

Stephanie, thanks so much for including me in your list of read-worthy – these ladies posts are so transparent – I love this feature on your blog!

Susan B Mead

Stephanie, thank you! What a wonderful resource to have so many wonderful writers blogs pulled together in a weekend wrap up. And thank YOU for including Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace in this post. So honored and humbled by the reception to this book. It hit #1 Amazon Hot New Releases in Christian Grief and top 10 in a couple of other categories.

Now I feel compelled to read the other blogs-so THANKS!


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