ReadWorthyBookWelcome to another Read-Worthy Weekend list of articles I have read this week that I want to share with you.

Some weeks I notice there is a theme running through many of the writings and other weeks I find there are a range of topics.  This week there was variety and some new writers I have never read before.

I hope your weekend will be blessed and restful and allow for some reading.

Have you ever wanted to just get up and walk out of church? And no matter how hard you try you just simply could not get into the message? Then you must read Laura Perkowski’s  The Day I Wanted to Walk Out of Church,

I love it when she shared: “There I sat, listening to a man talk about the Bible with others who love God, and I wanted it to be over. Was I a bad Christian? I sure felt like one…Sometimes, I need a reality check…The purpose of the church is not to fill me up every week, satisfying all my spiritual needs.”  

Wait. What?  Did she just say church wasn’t supposed to satisfy all my spiritual needs?  Yes!  Read her blog to find out why!

For all you moms, you may enjoy reading Samantha Landrus‘ article #TeamMom: Why I Feel Unqualified.  She shares about the struggles of motherhood, and let’s face it, the struggle is real!  No matter what stage of motherhood you find yourself in, we can all learn from each other.

And one thing that I have learned is that being a mom can sometimes make me speak before I think.  Amen?  That’s why I loved reading Heart Issues by Heather Dawkins.  “Whether I’m rambling or not thinking before speaking, or saying what I feel without feeling what I say, it’s a heart issue.”  Good stuff!

So, maybe you have blown it with your speech and you are feeling kinda undervalued, unimportant, run down and raggedy, then you will enjoy reading More Than Just A Rag by Janet Benson.  Janet shares how her and her husband’s differing perception of an ordinary towel showed her the value God sees in her life and in all of us.

Don’t forget to read these wonderful writers, too:

Jennifer Dukes Lee: The Secret to Being the Best Kind of Friend

Renee Griffin: Gathered a beautiful tale of women friendships

Katie Graves: Transparent Grace

Kim Stewart: Be Content in Your In-Betweens

Christy Mobley: Master the Allure of the Forbidden

What To Do with My To-Do List  this is my favorite because I LOVE a good list!

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams


Heather Dawkins

Honored to be mentioned on your blog! All glory to God! Thanks so much… Looking forward to checking out the others that you mentioned and following your blog as well! 🙂

Stephanie K. Adams

Thanks for visiting, Heather. I hope you enjoy some of the other writers. I look forward to reading more of your words this week. Have a blessed weekend

Renee Griffin

I am LOVING these #readworthyweekend posts! The curation of different blogs is superb, and gives me a great digital stack of reads all in one place. Keep up the great work, Stephanie! Have a wonderful weekend.


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