• Perfect Was Never God’s Plan For Us

    On this particular day when I reacted to my son’s meltdown by barking orders at him and demanding he pull himself together I expected shame and regret to be ushered in, but as I sat quietly before the Lord I felt Him ministering to my soul.

  • Be Kind To One Another

    Be kind to people in the way Jesus showed kindness

  • The Wordless Prayer

    Words are unnecessary – God hears your heart

  • Grace Broke Mom: Postpartum Begins

    Baby Grace was born just a couple of weeks after I wept on my bathroom floor as I realized the heartbreaking truth I had exchanged for lies.

  • Grace Broke Mom

    I am not naturally gifted at “mom-ing”. I come with a heap of baggage & insecurities. As I lived broken, God’s undeserving grace broke me again.

  • BLOOM – Together Is Better

    A gloriously diverse and beautiful group of women sharing their unique gifts and talents, compliment and contrast each other in a way that brings beauty to the group as a whole

  • BLOOM – Be Your Own Beautiful Bloom

    We were simply created to serve specific people or situations wherever God plants us in order to spread the seeds of faith

  • BLOOM – Where He Plants You

      BLOOM – Where He Plants You by Liz Giertz, Contributing Writer I recently planted what I thought were Impatiens in some pots on my front porch. I grew up with these flowers around my house and knew they would bloom in shady areas. But as I was freeing the last seedling from it’s carrier… Read more »

  • BLOOM – Proper Pruning Produces Bountiful Blooming

    Pruning things from our lives ensures we have the energy to accomplish God’s calling