• Wake Up, America – Pray and Vote

    The history books are wide open to pen the results of the outcome of this election and time thereafter. We are part of this history. We can make a difference.

  • Reminders of How God Loves Us

    Whether I am aware of it or not, God’s love for us is a thread of red woven throughout all 66 books of the Bible.

  • Perfect Was Never God’s Plan For Us

    On this particular day when I reacted to my son’s meltdown by barking orders at him and demanding he pull himself together I expected shame and regret to be ushered in, but as I sat quietly before the Lord I felt Him ministering to my soul.

  • Be Kind To One Another

    Be kind to people in the way Jesus showed kindness

  • The Wordless Prayer

    Words are unnecessary – God hears your heart

  • Grace Broke Mom: Postpartum Begins

    Baby Grace was born just a couple of weeks after I wept on my bathroom floor as I realized the heartbreaking truth I had exchanged for lies.

  • Grace Broke Mom

    I am not naturally gifted at “mom-ing”. I come with a heap of baggage & insecurities. As I lived broken, God’s undeserving grace broke me again.

  • BLOOM – Together Is Better

    A gloriously diverse and beautiful group of women sharing their unique gifts and talents, compliment and contrast each other in a way that brings beauty to the group as a whole

  • BLOOM – Be Your Own Beautiful Bloom

    We were simply created to serve specific people or situations wherever God plants us in order to spread the seeds of faith