Feeding and nurturing our spirit is the foundation to overall health. And true refreshing comes from time spent alone – with God.

  • Intentional Self-Care – Taking Care of Our Bodies

    We cannot continue at a frantic pace without stopping to take time to refill and refuel.

  • Intentional Self-Care – The Gift of Quiet Time

      by Gwen Williams Contributing Writer Intentional prayer and listening prayer can happen successfully when you practice embracing the gift of quiet time. We know that Jesus went up into the mountains away from the people in order to hear the voice of God. We also know that if we rush around and pack our… Read more »

  • Intentional Prayer – Private Conversations with God

    God longs to fellowship with us and He wants to be an important part of our every day. Being intentional in our conversations with Him, not only gives Him joy, but gives us so much more.

  • Intentional Giving – Are You Robbing God?

    We can stop robbing God. Don’t believe me? Then test God’s generosity and start giving. Start small and watch how He provides

  • Intentionally Believing God’s Promises and Character

    We can find strength and wisdom to survive and even thrive by focusing on Who God is and the many promises He has given to us

  • He Loved To The End

    Jesus humbled Himself in front of each one of the disciples knowing they would scatter and abandon Him during His last hours. He bowed Himself low, took on the role of a servant and loved them to the end.

  • Giving God Your Future

    Admittedly, it is hard to trust God with our future. We know He has good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11), but when times get tough our hearts can struggle to hold on to faith.

  • 3 Ways to Slow the Christmas Rush and Focus on Jesus

    In all of the busyness and hurry, we can get overwhelmed with the ‘doing’ and forget about just ‘being’.

    How can we slow our pace and become more intentional and focused on the birth of Jesus—Emmanuel, God with us—the newborn King?