• Opening Our Homes Begins With Opening Our Hearts

    If we will allow Him to fill the spaces of doubt and insecurity we feel over our perceived shortcomings of our home, we can throw open wide the doors, invite others in, and simple let Jesus use our home as a vessel to love others.

  • When You Hide Your Heart, Jesus Can’t Come In

    Just like I had done with all the clutter in my home, I had taken emotional junk – hurts, struggles, doubts, and fears – and crammed it into hiding places within my heart and closed it off so others wouldn’t see my messy struggles. Here’s the hard truth: when I shut the door to my heart to keep others from seeing,
    I also keep Jesus from getting in.

  • You Don’t Have To Do It All

    We can spend too much time and energy doing some very good things, but if it is not what God has called us to, we are not being obedient.

  • The Power of Unconditional Love

    It was my focus on Jesus that kept me from lashing out and doing even more damage in the wake of the hurt and betrayal I felt.

  • Love Protects: Choosing Wisely When It Isn’t Easy

    As Christ’s followers, it is our job to diligently protect others. It’s what love does. There are times when protecting someone is easy, but then there are times when protecting another stretches us.

  • Covered in Love

    When we fail to love as God does, we create controversy, but when we let His love shine through us, we promote peace, we bring a little of our hoped-for heaven to earth.

  • Believing God is Love

    We must come to know AND believe the love that God has for us and we must trust the goodness of His love.

  • One Word + 1

    For 2018 we are ADDING to our ONE WORD from last year.

  • Intentional Christmas

    Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker! Psalm 95:6 ESV by Stephanie K Adams It seems each year the holiday season begins earlier than the year before and it gets more stressful as the demands to pull off a Pinterest-perfect event of epic portions weighs heavily on the… Read more »