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Many of you know we are a military family. I can tell you when you join the amazing military community you gain a new perspective on every aspect of life. Your worldview changes. You begin to see through a different lens. One of the benefits to military life and lingo is you learn to connect military standards and imagery with the Christian lifestyle in overcoming challenges.

Recently I was introduced to US Marine fighter pilot and Author of One of the Few, Jason Ladd.

Jason’s limited worldview radically changed when he became a Christian. He decided to write about his newfound faith and how it shifted his approach to dealing with life.

Through honest, personal life stories Jason draws on his experience as a Marine to contrast his life prior to Christ and show how viewing the world through the lens of Christianity can help us endure through difficult life circumstances.

I asked Jason to join the Real Women community today and tell us more about himself and his book, One of the Few.

img_3592Welcome, Jason, We are so glad to have you share with us. Introduce yourself to our Real Women community

JL: I’m an author, husband, and father of seven. I spent 14 years on active duty with the Marines and flew the F/A-18 “Hornet” and the F-16 “Fighting Falcon.” I deployed once to Iraq and have lived in Japan a total of 5 years!  At some point I started putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and somehow I became an author. Now we live on a mountain in Alaska.

What or Who inspired you to write “One of the Few”?

JL: It was reading a lot of apologetics.** Eventually I needed an outlet which came in the form of a “writing project.” The project became the book. I didn’t have a Christian worldview growing up, and when I learned how powerfully it can be explained and defended, I had to share what I had learned with others. But I wanted to combine it with the power of story, so I shared my own.

You do indeed tell a lot of personal life stories in the book.  Which one is your favorite?

JL: The most powerful chapter is Chapter 1. It’s where I introduce our son Boone whom we lost on the day he was born. The book’s purpose is to encourage the reader to establish a worldview capable of carrying you through life’s most difficult circumstances. I guess it’s my favorite because it’s the most important. Because it’s not just about whether or not you will crumble when your world is falling apart, it’s about whether you have anything to offer when others are falling apart around you.

The story of your son Boone was very touching and helps underscore this is not just a book about military life – a misconception a lot of people may have.  Tell us why is this a book for everyone?

JL: I intentionally made the tragic mistake of trying to write it for everyone, but it really is. I really want it to be read by men like me (before I was a Christian). And I want women to read it so they can gently recommend it to their men. It’s for high school and college students because they’re entering some of their most impressionable years. And its for our older, wiser community so they might understand the questions of our youth.

It’s not often you hear of an author not narrowing down their audience, but I think it underscores how needed the message of One of the Few is across the board.

If there was one thing you want to the reader to walk away with after reading this book, what would it be?

JL: You have a worldview. Everyone has a worldview, whether it is recognized or not. It is the lens through which you see everything else in your life. It determines your beliefs, your actions, and in some cases, your eternal destiny. And I would challenge the reader to answer the questions: what is your worldview, why to you hold to it, and will it carry you through the night?

That is a great challenge for our readers this week – spending some time in prayer to see if there is anything we can do to change how we view our world through our relationship with Christ.

Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to say to the Real Women community?

JL: It’s such a privilege to have your attention. Thank you and God Bless!

Thank you, Jason.  It was an honor to have you stop by our community today.  Thank you for your service to our country and for sharing your words and challenging us in One of the Few.

You can connect with Jason and learn more about One of the Few at the following links:


Book Site:


** apologetics is the defense or proof of Christianity

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Written by Stephanie K. Adams

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